Summons Management And Resolution Tracking…


  • Empire Commercial Services
  • Automated Reconciliation process between your plates and those recognized by the NYC Department of Finance.
  • Automated plate registration and maintenance in the NYC Department of Finance Commercial fleet or rental programs.
  • Automated review of prima facie evidence in preparation for hearings.
  • Automated payment processing to ensure accurate summons satisfaction.
  • Eliminate misapplied payments.
  • Automated overpayment research, identification and resolution.
  • Registered Authorized Broker-NYC Department of Finance.
  • Associate Member-Long Island Taxi
  • Ability to generate over 100 separate reports.
  • Can track tickets by issuance, plate #, vehicle id, driver name, account number, route number, violation code, location, etc.
  • Can sub-divide tickets by various company entities or locations within the company.
  • Can tailor specific reports based on a companies individual needs.
  • Keeps records year over year / month over month for trend analysis.
  • Maintains a digital copy of all company vehicles registrations.
  • Digital record of all payment history and payment information.
  • Detailed hearing logs showing judge’s rulings.
  • Ability to convert database into excel format so our clients can run their own reports and pivot tables with the data we capture.

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