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“There are specialists that handle fleet operators, but make sure you find someone who knows the Parking Violations Bureau system.  The most impressive operation is handled by some ex-PVBers at Empire Commercial Services who have set up a sophisticated computer system” – Gridlock, Sam Schwartz,  NY Daily News


“Since the inception of our business relationship, we have found Empire Commercial Services to be extremely professional, courteous, prompt, efficient, and most importantly of all, quite successful in the adjudication of our tickets.” – Gary (CEO)


“Our parking ticket dismissal rate has been drastically increased and has led to significant cost savings for our company.  We have reported excellent gains in our mission to reduce the excessive fines from parking tickets in New York City” – Kevin (Director of Sales)


“Joe, we appreciate the level of service and integrity you and your team have continued to provide.  Your team has consistently delivered as promised and has been a pleasure to work with.  You have also offered solutions to help us continue to reduce the expense we experience with the NYC parking tickets.  It is my wish that more of our business relationships were as beneficial as this one” – Jeff  (Director of Legalization)

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